In-Kind Gifts

You can improve the lives of people with disabilities in so many ways besides making a cash donation to Opportunity Village.

In-Kind Gifts are donations of property, which can mean real estate, household goods, stocks, farm yields, or equipment and materials.

There are many creative ways to turn your In-Kind Gifts into support for Village services and tax benefits for you.  For more information, contact Michael Mahaffey, Chief Development Officer, at 641-355-1231.

  • Real Estate

    The Thul House in Clear Lake was donated to Opportunity Village by a family and moved to a lot donated by another individual. This house, now located in a residential neighborhood near the Village, is home to three men who receive occasional support from Village staff. Real estate gifts may be sold, with the proceeds going to support Village services.

  • The Village General Store in Fort Dodge or Clear Lake accepts donations of lightly-used household goods and furniture, which then are sold to the general public. All proceeds from the Store benefit persons supported by the Village. Whether it's a bag of used clothing or the contents of an entire household, your donations to the Store benefit the Village and the community, while your gift may be eligible for tax deduction.

  • Stocks

    A donation of stock may be an excellent way for you to make a charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.

  • Farm Yields

    Farming families often donate bushels of corn or other commodities, with the proceeds from sale at their co-op coming to the Village.

  • Equipment and Materials

    Businesses may realize tax benefits by donating equipment or materials needed to maintain and improve Village facilities.