Volunteer Opportunities in Fort Dodge

Posted October 17, 2011
Volunteers are serving an increasingly vital role at Northwoods Living, a service of Opportunity Village in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  The opportunities are as varied as people's interests, so we challenge you to find your niche with us.

Village General Store
The wide variety of volunteer opportunities range from sorting, pricing, and displaying merchandise, serving as cashier, researching the value of antiques and collectibles, assisting customers, picking up large donations, testing electronic games, and testing and repairing small appliances.  Volunteer one or more shifts a week, a month, or on an occasional basis.  It's a fun way to serve as an individual, with a friend or a family group.

Manage client Social Security or other government benefits through NWL's Financial Management program.  The payee opens and maintains a checking account on behalf of the client, establishes a budget, pays the monthly bills, keeps accurate records, and completes a yearly accounting report.

Human Rights
Meet monthly as a member of the Human Rights Committee to review client programs and restrictions.  Committee members are local professionals, family members of staff or persons served, and other interested citizens from the community.

Friends from Community
Serve in one of two ways: 
- As a pen pal who writes letters and sends cards for birthdays and other special occasions.
- Visit your NWL friends, possibly take them on an outing, invite them to your home, or find common interests to share.

Occasional volunteers
Serve on a "call when needed" basis.  For example, a lot of volunteers will be needed to give away water and check walkers' buttons at checkpoints the day of the Benefit Walks.

For more information about volunteering in the Fort Dodge area, contact Kris Hillmer-Pierson, 515-573-4046.