Walk-A-Block 2014
Join the second annual J. Brooks Walk-A-Block for Autism Acceptance on April 2, 2015.  read more
Benefit Walk 2014
The Annual Benefit Walk for Opportunity Village is moving to September!  read more
Lori can reach the sink
Four women enjoy a new home in Garner.
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Opportunity Village - Top 100 Workplaces
Opportunity Village has been selected as one of Iowa's Top 100 Workplaces for 2014.  read more

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Cornejo family

Now there's a future

Early in 2014, Sisa Perugachi and Jonathan Cornejo got the news from a doctor in Iowa City that their five-year-old daughter had autism.

"We did know something was going on with Kori, but we were waiting to see what the doctor told us," Sisa said. "I was in shock. I was not ready for that!"

Jonathan and Sisa said their first thoughts were, "How did this happen? Why is this happening to my daughter? What did I do? What do we do now?"

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Mowing the lawn

Witness the heartbeat of the Village

Want to know what we really do here at Opportunity Village? Not just the number of widgets we assemble in our work areas or the layout of the original campus. That might be important, but what really gets you are the stories. How is an individual's life changed by Opportunity Village?

Join us for a tour that is not your ordinary tour.  It's a tour of the stories: staff, volunteers, and people we serve who've experienced firsthand how the Village fosters individuality, supports meaningful lives, and nurtures families.

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